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We miss you, Sue!  / Mary (MaryO) O'Connor (Friend)
Sue, I never thought that today would happen.  I'm heading off to Oklahoma this morning for the Cushing's Awareness Day Forum.

You worked so hard for this national Cushing's Awareness Day, for Cushing's in general.  I never, ever thought that I'd be going to a CUSH meeting without you there.  I just don't know how I'm going to make it through this weekend.

We miss you terribly on the boards.  Some days, like with the recent hacker (yes, Sue, it happened again!).  I keep thinking of calling you to let you know what's going on, find out how you're doing.  Then I remember that you're not answering...

It's so selfish of me to want to keep you here, to talk to you one more time, to hear your laugh, to share thoughts, even to cry and talk about painful things.  I know you're in a much better place now, but God should have known that we needed you here a little longer, too.

Although the chairs at our place in Barbados aren't blue, I'll always remember you sitting on the patio, just like in the Kenny Chesney song ~ Old Blue Chair ~ thinking about the problems of the world, discussing life, maybe having a bit of rum.  :)

I'm sure that God installed comfy blue chairs just for you and Donald and you two are having such a grand time catching up.

We'll miss you this weekend, for sure, but enjoy your latest stage of life, Cushing's and cancer-free!

There's a blue rocking chair
Sittin in the sand
Weathered by the storms and well old hands
He sways back and forth with the help of the winds,
Seems to always be there, like an old trusted friend...

Godspeed my not-so-old, but most trusted, friend!

Merry Christmas, Sue - you're with the angels now.  / MaryO (Friend)  Read >>
Merry Christmas, Sue - you're with the angels now.  / MaryO (Friend)
Today, someone gave me a gift from the same series as the angels you gave me in the past and all I could do was think of you.

I hope you're having a first great Christmas with the other angels, Sue.

Love you always,
Mary Close
Lit a Candle  / Lynn McLaughlin (Friend)  Read >>
Lit a Candle  / Lynn McLaughlin (Friend)
Only found this out two weeks ago.  I am deeply saddened by this news as Sue had touched my heart and made me realize that life wasn't over after cushings.  She was spunky, fun, kind, caring and loving to everyone she knew.  She rubbed some of that on to me and I became a little less depressed because of her.  What a great loss to everyone she knew.  I miss you Sue, Lynn in Virginia Close
Memories / Diane Jones (Cush friend )  Read >>
Memories / Diane Jones (Cush friend )
23rd April 2006: I was looking through some old cards and letters and found cards I had received from Sue over the past couple of years. She always made the time to do little things like that and they meant alot - you appreciate the small things when your ill and to feel like someone cares. You're still very much in our thoughts Sue and I personally miss you on the boards and your words of motherly wisdom you used to give me. I hope you are having the best time in heaven and looking down on us all with a smile on your face. Much love to you. Close
An Angel is watching over us  / Sheri Pool (none)  Read >>
An Angel is watching over us  / Sheri Pool (none)

My heart is heavy and my eyes are full of tears. I haven't been able to be on the site for some time now. I am in shock. Sue gave me hope and knowledge when I was at my lowest. When I thought Cushings was a disease dogs get, when I had no idea how I was going to get thru the MRI, the diagnosis, the next day...all I had to do was click on the site and her words of wisdom or humor would be there for me. Words cannot describe how much this wonderful angel meant to me. I am going thru a possible reacurrance and I know that she will be looking out for me................. Bless you Sue and my sincere condolances to all her family and friends. Sheri

An Angel among us  / Deb (DebMV) Myers (Friend)  Read >>
An Angel among us  / Deb (DebMV) Myers (Friend)
Sue, we will miss your words of wisdom, your constant support, and your caring spirit.  When you were here on Earth, you were an angel to many of us.  Now, you are in Heaven among angels, pain free, and with your beloved Donald.  Your spirit will live on with us and we know you will always be with us as a spirit angel.  I'm sure our future postings will be flavored with many Sue-isms.  You certainly won't be forgotten!  Your love and work on earth will be everlasting. Close
Dance with the Angels Sue!  / Krystine (Cushie friend )  Read >>
Dance with the Angels Sue!  / Krystine (Cushie friend )
Sue, your support and kindness will forever live in my heart!! Even during your trials and tribulations you ALWAYS made time for others and ensured we knew we were not alone and that there was always a Cushie out there that cared! From you darling Sue I have learned to 'Pay it Forward'. I try daily to help another Cushie in any way I possibly can - slbeit some days are easier than others..... Heaven has a fantastic Rock 'N' Roll band (so I hear) and we can only imagine the greeting and party they are throwing for you!!! Always in my thoughts and prayers. Ken & I want to pass on our condolences to Sue's Family and friends and let them know that we too miss her. Love Always, Krystine, Ken and Wuss E. Katt XOXO Close
Will Be Missed  / Britt Euler (Friend)  Read >>
Will Be Missed  / Britt Euler (Friend)
Sue was a very special person... I meet Sue while researching this disease my doctor mentioned to me and thought I had/Do! Sue inspired me with her knowledge and care she showed me through all of this. I will miss her, after surgery she did not hesitate to call the hospital or my home to check on me. She was an Angel, she will be truely missed, Even when you felt your worse, she found a way to make you smile :-).... I will miss her..... So sorry for everyones loss. God Bless.... Close
Heartfelt condolences..  / Jean Deckert (cushie friend )  Read >>
Heartfelt condolences..  / Jean Deckert (cushie friend )
I don't even know where to begin... sue was such an inspiration to many, many people..she was always giving advice to whoever needed it and it was much appreciated..I am soo shocked to hear of this news.. my condolences go to all her family and friends in this very sad time..she was loved by all who knew her and will never be forgotten..god bless her soul and rest in peace will truly be missed..jeand Close
Will Miss you Dear Friend  / Gail Riley (cush friend )  Read >>
Will Miss you Dear Friend  / Gail Riley (cush friend )
Dear Friend,
Sue was such a great Cush Friend to all. When my daughter was diagnosed with Cushings, she was such a help. Telling me all the information, what to ask the doctors, what the test results may mean. Such a valuable individual.
I feel very sure that Sue will be one of the five people we meet in heaven because she touch so many  of our lives. There was a reason for her to be on these boards. She helped so many.  We will miss you very much. Now rest sweet Sue.
Prayers to your family & Love your friend, Gail Close
sorry for the loss, of your precious Sue  / Trisha[vistor]mem Of Christina Valle   Read >>
sorry for the loss, of your precious Sue  / Trisha[vistor]mem Of Christina Valle
I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Sue, the family, and friends of Sue, are in my prayers ..God Bless.. Close
A Friend  / Doreen Glasser (Cush Friend )  Read >>
A Friend  / Doreen Glasser (Cush Friend )
Dear Sue,
A friend is the highest tribute one can give another.You were a dear friend with never ending care, concern, humor and empathy.

Few of us ever have the chance to change the world we live in. Sue, you were able to achieve this through your work with Cush and the friends you made , all over the world.

There is no replacment for you and your friendship willl never be forgotten.
I know you are at Peace .
With love and tears,
Doreen Close
Sister, Friend, So much more  / Barbara Shorey (Sister-in-law)  Read >>
Sister, Friend, So much more  / Barbara Shorey (Sister-in-law)
Sue came into my life when I was eleven years old.  I can't remember life without her. It is strange to think I will never hear her voice again.

Sue was married to by brother Don for forty years. As a child, I spent summers in their home.  I learned so much from Sue, she became the sister I never had.  I miss you Sue! Close
Go softly into that good night  / Edith Tobe (Cush Friend )  Read >>
Go softly into that good night  / Edith Tobe (Cush Friend )
Ah, dear Sue. I have only just met you but been touched to the core by your humour, love, and compassion. Why is it you had to go so soon. There were so many laughs left to share and so much more I had yet to learn from you. As I light a candle this Sunday in memory of my father I'll be lighting one for you too! One should grow old and die from age and too much of life. It is not fair to have had it cut so very short. My prayers to your family and friends. Close
I love you, SuziQ  / Jayne Kerns   Read >>
I love you, SuziQ  / Jayne Kerns
Dear Sue, I miss you so much, already. You are such an inspiration to me (and others). Thank you for your gift of happiness. I will hard to make your dream a reality. We are almost there! National Cushing's Syndrome Awareness Day, April 8. Close
Here is a little angel!  / Donna Medeiros (passerby)  Read >>
Here is a little angel!  / Donna Medeiros (passerby)

Sue, may you find peace and happiness in your new home called Heaven~ you are now reunited with your husband ~ shine over your family and send them strength each day, and let them know there are friends on here to help them through their day. God Bless ^i^


This is a little angel

I’ve sent her here to you

And asked her to bless,

your family members too.

My heart goes out to all of you,

I can relate to all your pain.

Someone dear is missing

she went up to Heavens lane.

The golden gates have opened,

and with a smile she went

You will never forget about her

or the times together spent.

Memories and strength will keep you going,

this I know is true,

And when your feeling sad

Remember, she’s right beside you.

Sue was Love  / Lorrie Ines   Read >>
Sue was Love  / Lorrie Ines
This verse comes to mind when I think of Sue.

I Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not selfseeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

That was our beautiful Sue.  I am full of blessings for having known her.  I aspire to have her passion for helping others.  She was my friend.  I will always miss her.  I will always carry a piece of her with me.  I am so sad that she is gone and am so greatful that she was here.
Suzy, was a wonderful woman... Her Memory will live on In all of those she helped  / Jillian Duarte (a friend from the cushings support board )  Read >>
Suzy, was a wonderful woman... Her Memory will live on In all of those she helped  / Jillian Duarte (a friend from the cushings support board )

The World has lost a wonderful woman.

My love and sympathy go out to her family, friends and all who new her.



There are no words to say how much we will miss you  / Kandy Kline (Cushing Friend )  Read >>
There are no words to say how much we will miss you  / Kandy Kline (Cushing Friend )
There are no words to describe what Suqi meant to us on the cushing boards. She was one of the most loviong and giving person that I have ever known even when she was facing such hard battles in her life she was always caring and sharing with other people... I beleive some people are angels put here on earth and I truly know that Suqi was one of them evn I have only been on the bords for a short time now Suqi was such a inspiration and having a wonderful spirt I was hoping to meet her when I went to michigan to see my brother but I know she is inh a better place but her memmory will always be with us. To her family you will be in my prayers because i know at the time of loss there is not much one can say but know that you will be in the prayers pf m,y family

Kandy From Louisiana
Sue, our friend  / Cheryl Farrar (friend)  Read >>
Sue, our friend  / Cheryl Farrar (friend)
When I first got on the website I noticed "SuziQ" was quite the traveler, you'd never know where she'd turn up next!  I had no idea then that I would actually get to know Sue and be able to visit her in Michigan.  What an amazing woman, despite her struggles.  I'm thankful to have been able to get to know Sue, to hear her laugh, and enjoy our time in Oct. I remember how much she talked about her children and grandchildren and how much she loved them each.  God Bless You Sue, Until we meet again..Love, Cheryl f  Close
Never be the same  / Jack Dean (Friend)  Read >>
Never be the same  / Jack Dean (Friend)
Some people were put here to give, give, give. Sue was one of those people. She was always there for you and everybody else. Always there with her smile and positive attitude that made you feel better through all of your problems. She made life better for everybody with Cushings. We will always miss our Sue. Close
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